A broken treble clef sign

We're in treble.

Something went wrong and I don't know what it is. Maybe you could just... sing along?

How It Works

Semi-Conductor is an experiment that lets you conduct your own orchestra through your browser. You can move your arms to change the tempo, volume, and instrumentation of a piece of music.

It uses Tensorflow.js, a machine learning library that works in the browser, to map out your movements through your webcam. An algorithm plays along to the score as you conduct, using hundreds of tiny audio files from live recorded instruments.

Find more information about PoseNet on the TensorFlow blog.

Built by Rupert Parry, Melissa Lu, Haylie Craig and Samantha Cordingley from Google Creative Lab, Sydney.



Conduct an AI orchestra through your browser

Make the orchestra play by moving your arms.
The faster you go, the faster they go.
Move up and down to play louder and softer
Move from side-to-side to control which sections play

Fit your body in frame, Maestro. This is a one person experiment.